I should do this more often, I guess.

I haven’t posted lately. Moving halfway across our great nation, along with the funtimes stress of a faulty towing dolly, among other things, has thrown me all out of whack.

Here’s the deal, the total deal:

I am working on more Schoenberg analyses using the Hindemith chrd groups, and creating faux-Schenkerian diagrams of them. Soon, I’ll post an analytic reduction of “Der Kranke Mond” that will make the menfolk weep.  I am trying to make sense of where  I was in the composing of the 4th movement of my dissertation piece. All the time I ended up taking away from both the theoretical and compositional work has done horrible things to my continuity. I also have a commission from a member of the Stambaugh Chorus for a set of pieces setting the Beatitudes, in addition to all the other works in progress.

Damn.  I may need a set schedule for the rest of this year.


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