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Gretchen’s Lock

23 February, 2016

A piano trio, inspired by the stories of Gretchen’s Lock in Beaver Creek State Park, in Ohio. This piece uses a magic square process based on a triangular number sequence. Parts available, just ask.

Gretchen’s Lock



While I’m Taking a Pause in Dissertating.

13 April, 2010

Years ago I wrote some settings of fragments from various poems by Edgar Allan Poe. As anyone who’s known me for more than ten minutes is likely aware, my favorite authors are Lovecraft and Poe. I read Poe for the first time in first grade, in an illustrated edition of The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and I haven’t been right since. So, naturally, I beat it into my younger brother as well. He sang these on my senior comp recital at YSU in their original versions, the recording of which was misplaced by the person who ran the machine. Shortly thereafter, the disc the piece was saved on (this was back when discs were allegedly “floppy” and held about 4kb) became “corrupted” and would no longer open. I thought the piece was irrepairably lost until Philip gave me his rehearsal copy of the score, allowing the rewrite I am in the midst of when not writing the dissertation.

Here’s two of the three movements from …while the angels, for tenor and piano. The third, a setting of the final lines of Annabel Lee, will be up soon.

from The Conqueror Worm

from Bridal Ballad

A mind of winter, continued

21 March, 2010

The Snow Man is a finished product, in two versions. One with (very) austere and minimal piano accompaniment, and another for string quartet.

A Young Man Ain’t Got Nothin’ In the World These Days

4 February, 2010

As an undergrad, I had the distinction of being the first student to receive the annual commission from the New Music Society at the Dana School of Music. For that commission, I wrote my Concerto Grosso. It’s for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and strings. The premiere soloists were Corrina Hoover, Pam Kennedy, and Reid Young. (If anyone has a link for these three, send it my way.) Herewith, the Concerto Grosso.

Not Quite Juvenilia, Vol. 1.

7 December, 2009

Some older works this week. We’ll start with a pair of smaller works, I Think It’s Going To Be A Long, Long Time, for any low (bass clef) instrument and piano, and Fanfares, Canons, and Chorales, for brass.  I Think… is based on a very simple magic square reading. Pitches are derived from a D mode, combining the major tetrachord (D, E, F-sharp, G) with the natural minor scale’s upper tetrachord (A, B-flat, C, D). The rhythms are not coordinated by the square at all, only the pitch content.

Fanfares is based on two Native American love songs (the titles I have forgotten and the source material is in a storage space at the moment). It was composed as a wedding gift for a family member. It begins and ends with a fanfare that features overlapping rhythmic ideas between upper and lower voices. In the middle, as one might expect from the utilitarian title, the two songs are treated canonically and are then stated in a pair of chorale harmonizations.

Concert tomorrow

4 December, 2009

5 December, 2009:

Trystero New Music concert of electronic works including works by Dorian Wallace, George Anderson, David Kulma (his fantastic A Series of Allusions and Implications: In memoriam Jason Clark), and my very own The Homestar Dances, based on samples downloaded from

You can hear said dances at my (irregularly maintained) MySpace page.

New Trio!

28 November, 2009

A newish piece, written over the summer, mostly in the Wild West of South Dakota, between Indian attacks. It’s a trio for flute, oboe, and bassoon, and is dedicated to Krystal Young, David Kulma, and Leah Schaaf.

Someone Saved My Life Tonight Score

Three Bagatelles

26 November, 2009

These are three pieces originally in open score, transcribed for piano. Dorian Wallace premiered the piano version.

 Three Bagatelles

Object Lessons

22 November, 2009

Object Lessons

This is a solo bass piece I began working on in 2001. It went through loads of revision, and was performed numerous times in various iterations, generally allowing for some making it up as I went along, from an articulation and dynamics standpoint. Dan Nauss premiered the finalized version last year, from some very shoddy manuscripts and photocopied pages. Now it’s cleaned up and ready to go.

Five Preludes for piano solo

20 September, 2009

Five Preludes
I wrote three of these between 2004-5, rewrote them several times, and added the other two this year. As always, download and perform them, just let me know.