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I Hope Neil Young Will Remember

13 May, 2017

I Hope Neil Young Will Remember

Ridiculous idea I had the other day while thinking about contrafacts. Based on Stars Fell On Alabama.


Make your travel plans now.

20 October, 2010

My Wallace Stevens setting, “The Snow Man” is being premiered Jan. 31 2011 in Youngstown OH by the inestimable Corinne Morini and Diane Yazvac. I will be there, so keep your autograph books handy.

I should do this more often, I guess.

14 September, 2010

I haven’t posted lately. Moving halfway across our great nation, along with the funtimes stress of a faulty towing dolly, among other things, has thrown me all out of whack.

Here’s the deal, the total deal:

I am working on more Schoenberg analyses using the Hindemith chrd groups, and creating faux-Schenkerian diagrams of them. Soon, I’ll post an analytic reduction of “Der Kranke Mond” that will make the menfolk weep.  I am trying to make sense of where  I was in the composing of the 4th movement of my dissertation piece. All the time I ended up taking away from both the theoretical and compositional work has done horrible things to my continuity. I also have a commission from a member of the Stambaugh Chorus for a set of pieces setting the Beatitudes, in addition to all the other works in progress.

Damn.  I may need a set schedule for the rest of this year.

Ghost Trio

28 April, 2010

Not the Beethoven. I’m writing a piano trio for my friends The Osud Trio, inspired in part by the legends surrounding one of the locks in Beaver Creek State Park.  Here’s about 7 pages of creepy counterpoint, from the outset of the piece.

Working for the weekend

17 April, 2010

Funny thing about weekends when you’re unemployed. They don’t quite mean so much, except you get to hang out with all your working friends. So, I’m using weekends to work on non-dissertation music, when I can. Odd how having a deadline for one piece makes all the others one could be writing so much more attractive. Right now, this weekend, I’m turning an old art song (a setting of Zbigniew Herbert’s Nike who hesitates (go to p.29)) into a string quartet. I’m also finishing up the last of my three Poe songs in a piano revision, and maybe sketching a solo guitar piece, if time permits.

One must have a mind of winter

11 February, 2010

I’ve started setting the Wallace Stevens poem The Snow Man for tenor and piano. Here’s a draft of the first 1 and 2/3 stanzae. The accomapniment is a 13-half-note pattern, varied at the close of the first stanza, and transposed for the second. I likely won’t leave it that dull rhythmically, right now I want to finish the text setting before I elaborate the support.

Not Quite Juvenilia, Vol. 3

6 February, 2010

In my undergrad, I wrote a piece for a female percussionist friend. It turned into a piece for two percussionists, and as it happens both players were women. So I ended up titling it after another female percussionist, Maureen Tucker. The title comes from a play on the old union song “I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night”, which was also referenced in Bob Dylan’s song “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine.” This is not to suggest a sympathy with the Wobblies, but only a useful title. So here is I Dreamed I Saw Moe Tucker

A Young Man Ain’t Got Nothin’ In the World These Days

4 February, 2010

As an undergrad, I had the distinction of being the first student to receive the annual commission from the New Music Society at the Dana School of Music. For that commission, I wrote my Concerto Grosso. It’s for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and strings. The premiere soloists were Corrina Hoover, Pam Kennedy, and Reid Young. (If anyone has a link for these three, send it my way.) Herewith, the Concerto Grosso.

Men at Work

29 January, 2010

David Kulma and I are writing a piece for dance at Kent State University. It’s the first time either of us has done a collborative work, and the nature of our collaboration has been tremendous fun for both of us. Herewith, a clip showing some of the work we do in writing the piece.  This piece has been very process-oriented, and thus has required a great deal of whiteboard sketching. After our first round of such work, we began joking about filming these sessions for posterity. Now we have. Look on our work, ye mighty, and despair.

Like Oscar Wilde and Charles Wuorinen at a disco.

7 January, 2010

David Kulma and I are starting a new blog. We’re reading the big names in post-tonal theory, and commenting thereon. Starting w/ Forte’s The Structure of Atonal Music.