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Not Quite Juvenilia, Vol. 1.

7 December, 2009

Some older works this week. We’ll start with a pair of smaller works, I Think It’s Going To Be A Long, Long Time, for any low (bass clef) instrument and piano, and Fanfares, Canons, and Chorales, for brass.  I Think… is based on a very simple magic square reading. Pitches are derived from a D mode, combining the major tetrachord (D, E, F-sharp, G) with the natural minor scale’s upper tetrachord (A, B-flat, C, D). The rhythms are not coordinated by the square at all, only the pitch content.

Fanfares is based on two Native American love songs (the titles I have forgotten and the source material is in a storage space at the moment). It was composed as a wedding gift for a family member. It begins and ends with a fanfare that features overlapping rhythmic ideas between upper and lower voices. In the middle, as one might expect from the utilitarian title, the two songs are treated canonically and are then stated in a pair of chorale harmonizations.