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Not Quite Juvenilia, Vol. 1.

7 December, 2009

Some older works this week. We’ll start with a pair of smaller works, I Think It’s Going To Be A Long, Long Time, for any low (bass clef) instrument and piano, and Fanfares, Canons, and Chorales, for brass.  I Think… is based on a very simple magic square reading. Pitches are derived from a D mode, combining the major tetrachord (D, E, F-sharp, G) with the natural minor scale’s upper tetrachord (A, B-flat, C, D). The rhythms are not coordinated by the square at all, only the pitch content.

Fanfares is based on two Native American love songs (the titles I have forgotten and the source material is in a storage space at the moment). It was composed as a wedding gift for a family member. It begins and ends with a fanfare that features overlapping rhythmic ideas between upper and lower voices. In the middle, as one might expect from the utilitarian title, the two songs are treated canonically and are then stated in a pair of chorale harmonizations.


New Trio!

28 November, 2009

A newish piece, written over the summer, mostly in the Wild West of South Dakota, between Indian attacks. It’s a trio for flute, oboe, and bassoon, and is dedicated to Krystal Young, David Kulma, and Leah Schaaf.

Someone Saved My Life Tonight Score

Three Bagatelles

26 November, 2009

These are three pieces originally in open score, transcribed for piano. Dorian Wallace premiered the piano version.

 Three Bagatelles

Object Lessons

22 November, 2009

Object Lessons

This is a solo bass piece I began working on in 2001. It went through loads of revision, and was performed numerous times in various iterations, generally allowing for some making it up as I went along, from an articulation and dynamics standpoint. Dan Nauss premiered the finalized version last year, from some very shoddy manuscripts and photocopied pages. Now it’s cleaned up and ready to go.

Five Preludes for piano solo

20 September, 2009

Five Preludes
I wrote three of these between 2004-5, rewrote them several times, and added the other two this year. As always, download and perform them, just let me know.

Music for Bass and Piano

19 May, 2009

This is a piece I wrote last year, originally for a tubist friend at Youngstown State. Since he never moved on it, I repurposed it for the bass.

Three Movements for Double Bass and Piano, Full Score


Three Movements for Double Bass and Piano, Bass Part

Another Piece, and some fun news

9 May, 2009

My woodwind quintet, Scenes from Newport, written while I was at YSU in my Master’s degree. Among the most “tonal” and Romantic things I’ve written.
In other news, Herr Doktor Professor Doktor Kulma is working on a nifty electronic piece based in part on stuff and nonsense that I say frequently. It is hilarious, and should turn out really well.
Scenes From Newport Score

UPDATE: David has finished his piece, and it’s fantastic. He used contents of a lengthy conversation, edited down to usable moments, and overlays it with an oboe part that contains quotes from pieces we discussed. It’s totally sweet.

Score and a show

8 April, 2009

My piano piece Fire Melted Steel is being premiered next Thursday by Dorian Wallace at the Kent State Stark Campus, 8 PM. Hope to see people there…
Fire Melted Steel

First score post, I hope.

8 April, 2009

Okay, first score post attempt. This is There is a willow…, text taken from Willie the Shake’s Hamlet. I wrote some incidental music for a production at Youngstown State University under the direction of Dr. Dennis Henneman. The ‘old song’ that Ophelia sings in her mad scene is quoted in the clarinet part. The text is taken from Dr. Henneman’s edition for their performance.

There is a willow…